Two Exciting New Products



In-Align has made a breakthrough in technology and has halved the treatment time over conventional aligners.


The patient will wear the aligners for 22 hours per day.

After 7 days the patient will change to the next aligner, halving the standard 14 day aligner change.



The patient only has to wear the aligners for 10 hours at night. e.g. 10pm till 8am. ( The patient is not required to wear them during the day).
After 7 days the patient will change to the next aligner, halving the wear time and the standard 14 day aligner change time.



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Who Are In-Align....

In-Align and its partners are at the forefront of clear aligner technology, we have pooled the knowledge from many of the top aligner companies to bring you the best clear aligner system on the market.
In-Align is a partner for dental/orthodontic laboratories, dentists, orthodontists for dental 3D innovations in both Clear Aligners and Indirect Digital Bonding. Depending upon your requirements everything is free up until you place the order.
In-Align works with dental/orthodontic laboratories, dentists and dental practices to set up or optimize their clear aligner workflow. We offer clear aligners based on customized treatment plans, which are prepared by our Clinical Team. The treatment plan is the most important step that will determine whether a clear aligner case will be successful or not. And unlike with an automatically generated treatment plan (which is usually offered by our competitors), this personally designed plan does take possible risks into account. This reduces the risk of complications considerably and the success rate of the treatment is high. This tailor-made treatment plan also offers you the opportunity to treat the more complex cases with clear aligners. Our Clinical Team consists of qualified and experienced orthodontists and dentists, who have successfully treated more than 50,000 clear-aligner cases worldwide.


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Our Services....

We offer bespoke services for every business model, Want to start an aligner business without the outlay, a large or small laboratory, want to expand your business without the expense, a direct to consumer company or a dental practice with a preferred treatment choice, we can design a plan just for you.

The portal below allows you chose the type of treatment customer or patient.

In-Align advantages:
• Excellent software for both the Doctor and the direct to consumer market.
• Adaptable portal for the Orthodontist and General Dentist
• We design the treatment plans and you can manufacture
• Clear Aligners with or without attachments and IPR.
• We can support the Orthodontist with their treatment plan and we can also design the treatment for the General Dentist with complete instructions.
• Indirect bonding supplied as a kit with brackets or we can use any brackets of your choice.
• Indirect bonding for the General Dentist with aligners to finish.
• Indirect bonding to the General Dentist with a finishing wire.
• Hand Finished aligners for comfort.
• Tracking Trays to help with the major issue with direct to consumer customers.
• We only charge per aligner and not per so many steps.

This allows you to offer your patients high-quality clear aligners without having to have clear aligner experience yourself and it will save you a lot of time not having to worry about the treatment plan.

Register on the Portal or use the Contact Us page and we will call you to discuss your requirements.



Sales and Marketing Tools....

For the professional...

Below is our brand new Smile Studio Doctor/Clinic software which has all the options for the doctor to review the treatment plan from all angles using the various options in the software. This is also a great sales tool to show the patient how we achieved their new smile step by step.

Smile Studio launches from the portal and is free with every Treatment Plan.

The software gives the professional many options. not just to review and analyse the treatment plan but add attachments, move brackets or make minor adjustments to the teeth position.

View or Download User Guides Here.

Watch the demonstration video below




For the Patient...

The Patient software below is the perfect sales tool for the direct to consumer market. The patient can use this on any platform (mobile, tablet or PC) and you will be able to email it to the patient directly from the portal.

The options for the patient are self explanatory from the picture and shows the patient how many steps and how long the treatment will take. Click on the "I" button and there are instructions on how to wear the aligners also.

Try it out …… This is a fully working version