IN-ALIGN’s New Aligner Material only loses 18% of its energy over 24hrs in situ giving predictable tooth movement and 7-day aligner changes. All major competitors ( Zendura, Essix Ace, Duran) lose more than 50% of their energy over the same time in situ hence the need for 14 to 21-day aligner changes.

IN-ALIGN’s New Aligner Materials possess unique properties that create a gentle but consistent force on the teeth that allow the material to achieve 0.25mm to 0.30mm of tooth movement every 7 days matching the biological tooth movement of Traditional Conventional or Self-Ligation bracket systems. This all adds up to extremely predictable tooth movement over standard aligner material and in a shorter time than before.

Additionally, the inclusion of molecularly modified glycol in the aligner composition transforms the inner walls of the aligner into a softer and more pliable materials making it easier and more comfortable to the patient.

Key features of IN-ALIGN’s Aligner Material makes this possible are:
  • Izod Impact Strength
  • Tensile Strength (PSI)
  • Flexural Modulus (PSI)
  • Rockwell hardness
  • Water Absorption
  • Specific Gravity

Clear Aligners made of IN-ALIGN’s material give treatment plans predictable tooth movement and less refinements creating happier patients just as fast or faster.

As a provider of clear aligners, for the first time, you can offer a choice to your client or patient.

1. Standard Aligners

The product you all know that hasn’t changed for years

2. Premium Aligners

The product that will soon become No 1 in the world and your first choice. Advances in aligner material and software algorithms means predictable tooth movements, a comfortable patient experience and aligner changes every 7 days, halving the time of conventional aligner systems. With over 4500 satisfied patients you can order with confidence.

3. Night Aligners

The latest aligner product to suit those patients who are self-conscious and don’t want anybody to know they are straightening their teeth. The patient only needs to wear them at night and change aligners every 14 days. Although this is our latest product, we have completed over 3000 cases so order with confidence.

4. Retainers

No ordinary retainer but made of the same material as the Night Aligner, giving your patients the same enjoyment. Your patients don’t want to wear a retainer for months after treatment all day and night, they want to show off their teeth. This new retainer will allow your patients to only wear it at night for at least 10 hours to adequately retain that new smile.